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"In my first month with Robert, I did 15 to 16 grand. I feel extraordinarily blessed to be working with Robert and his team." - Nick D.

No other sales training on earth has these principles built in.

The top earning salespeople in the world know, that they must take time to define themselves, create opportunities to practice discipline, find self-respect, and LEAD with courage. Not earning 6 figures? We are going to look at how you define yourself.

Inside of each of us there is a voice. The voice that says "I know I should be doing the difficult thing." We will show you how to get crystal clear in your intention and your action. Do this and you can live and sell without guilt or shame. The ultimate FREEDOM!

If your body is not optimized through physical exercise and nutrition, you will NOT show up as your best self. A portion of our curriculum is dedicated to helping build habits to move more and eat better so you can perform at your very best.

Most of our students are here to make more money. Our core focus is to help you be the very BEST at sales, so you can earn a TOP 1% income. It's a lot easier if we build ALL of you at the same time, though.

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